To explain the second installment from Konglomerat, perhaps it is best to first look retrospectively. Having moved to Berlin at around the same time, Kossov & Leandro have helped construct each other's musical paths through collaboration. Suitably, the tracks in this release represent their progression from a shared state of apathy to a refreshed mindset of creativity and progress.

The title track, “Against Apathy” begins with lo-fi atmospheres and broken beats that then progress toward a hypnotic climax. Symbolic to their new found inspiration, this piece moves through an unorthodox arrangement, textures, and sounds.

The following track, “Relentless Presence” by Leandro continues the motif of eradicating apathy by focusing on his appreciation for detail and presence. The nine minute track is hypnotic from the beginning and only keeps evolving.

Aptly, the journey ends with “Forward Motion” by Kossov. The hypnotic drive and tone of this track perfectly represents the focus both artists now enjoy in their newfound creative freedom.

© 2018 Konglomerat

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