In the first installment from Konglomerat, “Contrasts” represents a musical journey from light to dark. Our native artists, Leandro, Ornery, and Kossov dive deep into both the softer and harder iterations of their musical worlds.

The Light Side of the EP begins with a pleasant adventure through lighthearted beats and beautiful atmospheres in Leandro’s “Healing Process”. The adventure continues into Kossov’s slowly progressing movie of synthesis underlined by a solid bed of grooves, “Solipsism”. We then move to a culmination of surreality and hypnotism in Ornery’s “Hellseher”.

Our Dark Side ramps off with “Rituals” by Kossov, a heavy composition of brass, choral atmospherics and a rumble of rhythm. “Despair” by Leandro then follows as an aggressive but introspective techno piece. Only to close the journey with “Kristall”, a heavy steam train of arpeggios and beats by Ornery.

© 2018 Konglomerat

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