Release Date: 9/25/18

Leandro’s forthcoming debut album, “Fervor” is perhaps the young artist’s most personal body of work to date. The album embodies a musical journey through the different facets of passion, desire, and ambition. 

It’s only fitting that the first single to premier from the album is “Engtanz”, a dreamy ballad of deep euphoric tones that evokes a feeling of lust and longing. The title, “Engtanz” comes from the German word for “Close-Dance” which represents the ambition of this song perfectly. 

The song’s first scene is a shimmering shaker line grounded by a low thumping kick and deep atmospheric pads. Slowly, a silky brass-like synth starts swelling up to the surface as the percussion reaches its climax. Suddenly, all the instruments drift to the background and a soothing voice comes forth expressing her longing emotions. Proceeding the poem’s closing words “I want you”, the track rises back up into a section of escalating brass and synth chords playing off of each other, each time increasing in intensity. Once the final peak is reached, the track strips itself back and lands in a soft bed of pads that brings the song to a serene ending.

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