Release Date: 10/09/18

'Future' is the second single to premiere from Leandro's forthcoming debut album, 'Fervor'.

While the first 7 tracks on the album allude to the brighter, more beautiful sides of passion and desire, the last 3 tracks take a darker twist. This is where we find 'Future', a song that's symbolic of an ongoing fight against a potentially dark and twisted future.

The track begins submerged in a dense throbbing bassline. Slowly, a dissonant chord pluck begins filtering its way in, opening up into a wide explosive synth. Trodding forward intensely, the synth opens up to its fullest just to come right back down into an obscure acid line, which combined with the half step tempo of the track, makes time seem to slow down. Suddenly the acidic synth twirls distortedly upward and the fast paced percussion kicks back in. Galloping ahead, the sounds twist and morph finally reaching what would be a halt for breath. Instead, a group of tribal drums creeps in while the acid line begins to growl its way back to the surface. In a burst, all the elements come back together in a ruckus of rage for the final climax of the track leading to its conclusion.

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