Konglomerat X Joanna Layla

        "Painting a Face on a Concept"      

After the 1st year anniversary of Konglomerat, the crew had a sit down to gather thoughts and reflections around our first year as a label. We covered a number of different matters, but one of the big topics we had talked about all year was finding a symbol that represented our motif as a brand. 2017 brought forth a lot of toying with ideas but nothing really seemed to stick until we finally thought outside the box and also that we couldn’t do it all ourselves. Luckily, the world is a small place and we managed to connect with a person with a special gift that shares a similar approach to art and expression as we do.

Joanna Layla has a gift of transforming the conceptual into stunning visual representations. The London based illustrator arrived at her art through a degree in English Language & Literature after this sparked her interest in visual language and communication. In combination with her desire to elevate the communication of ideas, her works are heavily inspired in the human body.

Joanna’s love for fashion, literature, and expression has led her to grace the covers of books such as Deanna Rodger’s “I Did It Too” and Albert Camus’s “L’Étranger”. In 2017, Joanna Layla was also shortlisted for the Prize for Illustration 2017 at London Transport Museum with Association of Illustrators.

"L'Étranger" - 2017
"I Did It Too" - 2017

One of our favorite works by Joanna is “Scaffold”, a piece featured in her “Estate Of Mind” series. A print compilation that brought us a sense of balance in the way it plays with beauty and chaos much like music does.

“Scaffold”, to us, represented many of the concepts we stand for and promote and we instantly clicked with  it. The piece converges the hard and perfect symmetry of a city landscape with the perfectly imperfect lines of a female face. The concept of man-made perfection made for imperfect humans to interact with reminded us a lot of Berlin.Furthermore, the manner in which the lines and shapes meet above the figure’s head, reminded us a lot of our beginnings as a brand and how different creative minds came together to make what we consider a beautiful thing.

With that being said, it is with great appreciation and happiness that we introduce to you, the new face to our brand.

Thank you Joanna!

- The Konglomerat Family

"Scaffold" - 2017
Konglomerat 2018

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