Release date: 4/18/18 

In August of 2017, Konglomerat’s second installment brought forth “Against Apathy”. A piece that combined Kossov & Leandro’s inspirations at the time and reflected upon their transition from a state of shared apathy to a refreshed mindset of creativity and progress. And so it is with pleasure that Konglomerat’s fourth release showcases the result of said shift through their new single.

The title, “Maps of Meaning”, is symbolic of the process of engaging in the discovery and achievement of one’s highest purpose.

After producing “Against Apathy” both artists felt as though they could still let go more of their own self-imposed restrictions regarding musical creativity. Developing a less fearful approach to composition was one of the first steps in this progression. Luckily this translated over into their collaboration where both made efforts to expand each other’s musical boundaries which allowed them to leave restrainful habits behind. The result is a track that takes from both classic and new influences delivered in a style that is quite unique in comparison to their previous work.

Submerged in the midst of an explosive drum groove, the track begins with a rolling arp line that elevates the ear into the first climax. Shimmering synth sounds, bass stabs and an acidic bassline accentuate the groove underneath the soaring vocal only emphasising the drive forward. But before the heat burns any brighter, a pleasantly cool wash of pads comes in floating us gently back down into a deep sea of melancholic pianos and warmth. Once realized, the sadness fades away and the explosive energy comes right back in at full throttle. An even heavier acid line proceeds to drive the track toward the finish line, completing the journey with a bang.

© 2018 Konglomerat

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