Release Date: 22/11/17

Konglomerat’s third installment: “Spirit Continuum”, belongs to Leandro. The body of work behind the EP looks at his current musical inspiration and shines a light on his present struggles amidst a transitional season in his life. As he claims, “The title reflects on the persistence of life through and after death.”

The three track collection gravitates heavily around atmospheres, repetition and exaggeration. Lending itself to a cinematic ethos encompassed around the sounds and intensity of techno.

The opening track, “Minute by Minute” is a suspense ridden piece that is symbolic of a time bomb waiting to explode. Underneath a bed of strings and a hypnotic monastic chant is a subtle click that slowly opens up and begins dictating the rhythm of the track. Patiently, more elements begin surfacing, alluding to what may come. Finally, a break comes in a reverberating wash only to erupt into climax.

Proceeding is “Bewegt”. A track that begins trodding to the sound of banging drums. At first hypnotic and loopy, the track quickly becomes an emotional conversation between two groups of strings. Initially the strings seem to sob in an escalating despair as if feeling hopeless and crying out for help. In response to the cry, a more uplifting string then goes into a teary monologue of hope and a passionate push forward.

Finalizing the journey, is “Chrysalis”. The track awakens around a cinematically oriented construction of atmospheres that drive their energy into the rhythm of a beating heart. It is right that this piece closes the EP as it is metaphoric of a rough soul softening and allowing pain and conflict to resolve and slowly fade away.

© 2018 Konglomerat

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